Monthly Archives: March 2020

International Space Station Tour

Have a tour of the space station! More internal space than a six-bedroom house, on a vehicle that would cover a football field: how long to take the tour? In this week’s “SpeedyTime” feature, Expedition 52 flight engineer Jack Fischer flies us through his home in space, from bow to stern, in just 3:18—please prepare for […]

Dorney Lake Stage hire for Superhero Series

On the 19th August AVE Services provided the stage and ramp for the Superhero series event at Dorney lake, Windsor. The lake is famous for hosting the rowing events for the 2012 London olympics. The Superhero series that was founded by Sophia Warner is a disability sports events for the everyday Superhero! “It’s the UK’s […]

Solar Roads, are they the future?

The sun’s rays can hit some roads for up to 90 percent of the daylight hours, so companies in Europe and the U.S. are experimenting with building solar panels along or above roads. But are such projects worth the cost? In France one company is hoping to distinguish itself—and reduce costs—with solar panels that are […]