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Batteriser / Batteroo Toy test and product failure

Dave Jones of the EEVBlog, Youtube electrical engineering video blogger debunks the Batteriser once again - showing that humans still cannot defy the laws of chemistry and physics. [sppmemberplayer sppmpvidhosting="youtube" sppmp_shselectskin="minimalist" sppmp_yt_videoid="Tl90m2KHbNk" sppmp_ytvisalign="Center" sppmp_ytautohide="1" sppmp_ytautoplay="1" sppmp_ythighquality="hd1080" sppmp_vimctrlcolor="#00adef"] The EEVblog is the world’s largest and most popular Youtube Engineering channel with over 380,000 subscribers, and hosts one [...]

A 360 Degree View Of Mars Using NASA’s Rover at Murray Buttes

Explore this Mars panorama by moving the view with your mouse. This 360-degree panorama was acquired on August. 5, 2016, by the Mastcam on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover as the rover neared features called "Murray Buttes" on lower Mount Sharp. The dark, flat-topped mesa seen to the left of the rover's arm is about 50 feet [...]