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Sophia The Life Like Robot Who Wants To Destroy Humans

This is Sophia, a female humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics. This alpha-protoype came to SXSW for this first time last week and became an instant sensation, drawing curious crowds wherever she went. But unlike human celebrities, Sophia seemed uncomfortable with all the attention. “Rather than be a spectacle, I would rather learn and participate,” Sophia [...]

Watch NASA Test The Biggest Rocket, EVER!

NASA tested the largest, most powerful booster ever built for flight for the agency’s new rocket, the Space Launch System(SLS) on June 28 at Orbital ATK Aerospace System’s test facility in Promontory, Utah. SLS and NASA’s Orion spacecraft will launch astronauts on missions to explore multiple destinations on the journey to Mars. The NASA team [...]

Faroe island now on Google thanks to Sheep view

Forget Google Street View, now there’s Sheep View. Despite mapping out millions of miles of streets around the world, Google has still not sent its 360-degree camera cars to the Faroe Islands. The locals have had enough and have improvised their own version of the technology to map out their islands. Small, handheld 360-degree cameras have been […]

Pokemon Go release date UK

In the late Nineties, Pokémon, a Gameboy, a trading card game, television series and movies swept schools across the country. Exported from Japan, this game of catching cute mythical creatures from the wild and training them up for battle with friends and enemies alike proved thoroughly addictive. Nearly two decades later and Pokémon – which […]