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#OB #Live Building The Best Outside Broadcast Trucks

Sonys new 4k outdoor broadcast truck built in basingstoke hampshire hire

This film was made for Sony Professional Broadcasting over 8 months, documenting the building of the first ever fleet of 4K outside broadcast vehicle’s for Russian company Panorama to be used in the next Winter Olympics. ( video credits to )

Lighting Handbook

Screenshot of the Lighting Handbook application for android

Lighting Handbook is a tool for AV (Audio Visual)  techs offering information and specifications for over 900 different types of moving lights, dimmers, conventional fixtures and effects. Also, access pin-outs and lamp specifications for a variety of different lighting manufacturers Lighting Handbook is a tool for all theatre, corporate and event technicians. It displays information […]

Martin Reveals Quantum Wash & Quantum Profile

martin quantum wash

Martin Professional has introduced the MAC Quantum Wash and MAC Quantum Profile, the latest solution to provide brighter and more compact LED lights. The MAC Quantum Wash features tight beams, “beautiful wash fields, a market-leading colour palette and uniform mixing that combines to accommodate the most demanding applications with brightness and perfection”. Combining an impressive […]

Christie reveals first commercial pure-laser projection system, projects 75-foot-wide Godzilla

projector christie laser godzilla

Christie Digital Systems USA  has revealed “the world’s first commercial pure-laser projection system”; Christie showed off the system earlier this month at the Shanghai Film Art Center, the first cineplex built in China. The featured movie on the cineplex’s 23-meter-wide screens was “Godzilla.” Christie laser projectors will provide a brightness of up to 72,000 lumens […]

AV Test generator for iPhone/iPad: HDMI, VGA output of test patterns and audio

Video and Audio Test Generator on the go. Supports 720p video output. 1080p only works with the 30pin connectors as the lightening interface does not support this resolution at this time. Designed for technicians in the Audio Visual industry to quickly validate that they have analog video signal and audio from source to destination. This […]

Plays music through an arc of electrical plasma, making it one of the coolest speakers you can get. Prepared to be amazed!

A plasma speaker plays music just like your normal speaker but it uses an arc of electrical plasma running at 30,000 volts! Most people aren’t aware that plasma arcs can be modulated to generate sounds so your friends will be in for a surprise when you explain to them that the plasma arc IS the […]