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How Can Live Streaming Help Your Business During The Coronavirus?

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During the outbreak of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 a lot of events and business meetings will need to be put on hold until the near future to protect people from catching and spreading the virus. However if you still need to get in contact with your colleagues and customers across the global then live streaming […]

Screen Hire At The Hawk Conservancy Trust

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On a lovely day in March AVE Services arrived at the Hawk Conservancy Trust for a customer to setup a 75″ screen in the Griffon Rooms. The 75″ was being used in the conference room in the middle of the park for training, the large screen made sure that everyone in the room could see […]

Lucozade Ribena New Production Line Opening

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AVE Services were on hand to help Lucozade Ribena Suntory in Coleford, Gloucestershire launch its new £13 million pound production line that will drastically reduce its use of energy and water. The new production line that was installed is a high-speed bottling line that takes 40% less energy and water than its predecessor, filling 55,000 bottles […]

Health and Beauty Conference

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AVE Services travelled to a Cookham near Maidenhead for a large conference in the rural Moor Hall and conference centre in February. The conference was for 90 people, so AVE were on hand to help with the PA system that we had provided and any other technician assistance that was required on the day. The […]

USAAF memorials unveiled in their new location at Greeham Control Tower

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During September AVE Services had the privilege of being apart of the team that helped unveil the USAAF memorials that had been moved from Greenham Business Park. The Royal British Legion Branch Secretary, Keith Williams explained during the service that a passing remark to an American visitor sparked the idea to re-site the memorials from […]

Christmas Hire For Argos

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As Christmas approached, AVE were hired by Argos to supply AV equipment to their distribution centre in Reading. The meeting that was being held on the top floor had a Christmas theme to it as a few decorations appeared. Which included some cheeky elves who decided to borrow our tape and get wrapped up in […]

Employee Party in Reading

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In Reading, Berkshire on a wet evening, AVE Services setup a companies social party in the popular restaurant and bar,  Revolución de Cuba Reading. The 200 employees came from all over the country to get together for the evening of entertainment. The party was a Britain’s got talent spin where 10 different groups from the […]

Swindon Hydrogen Conference

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Hidden away in the Wiltshire countryside is Swindon’s Science Museum and we had the privilege of working on the grounds for a week. The museum isn’t open to the public, however in 2023 they plan to open for the first time once the 280,000 sq ft warehouse is built. The buildings currently only accessible for […]

Screen Hire To Wales

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In September AVE Services travelled to the West of Wales to Margam Castle for a hire for Mercedes Benz of Cardiff. In the beautiful settings of the castle in the orangery the dealership had a display of their working vehicles available to businesses and trades people. This ranged from their smallest van to the largest […]