Audio Visual Equipment and Events Services for Careers Fairs

AVE Services provides a range of services and audio visual equipment to careers events across the south of England.

Careers Fair

Audio Visual Hire

We have a range of audio visual equipment that we hire to careers fairs and careers presentations.


When it comes to careers fairs, getting the details of exhibition displays perfect is of the utmost importance. We can provide the personal banners and logos to get your displays looking spectacular. Message us for more information about these services.

Power Distribution

If you need to get power to your exhibition stands, then we can provide the equipment and cables to do that safely and reliably.

Event Services

We can provide many services for your event including event management, decoration, effects, and audio services.


Near Field Communication is a handy way to assist with registration at Careers Fairs. We can build NFC chips directly into name tags, opening up a range of possibilities for your business event. NFC tags allow your guests to keep a profile of their activity at the event, integrating with tablets or even with other people to find out about them.

Talk to us about your careers fair

For a free, personal quote on any of our services for careers events, call us on 01635 899551, email [email protected] or message us through our contact form.