Digital signage installs

AVE Services can install and program digital signage for any business or venue. The digital way of advertising in the 21st century by getting your customers attention with bold and eye catching displays.

The screens can be located in multiple locations and controlled on one central device, being very useful for head offices to use. The dynamic and diverse designs that can be displayed on the digital signage screens will be sure to capture and hold your audience, while indulging in your advert or promotion. The platform for the software can be displayed on screens from 7 inches all the way to 110 inches, always giving a high standard image.

The advantages of the digital signage screens are:

  • You can design as many layouts as you need, with many different content options and controls
  • The amount of screens and displays you can have with the advertising on is limitless
  • The software can be managed anywhere and changed anytime
  • It can be scheduled so you can send out promotions and adverts at your peak times
  • It is more environmentally friendly with no paper involved and no printing cost

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