Audio visual equipment and services for financial conferences

AVE Services has supported numerous financial conferences across the south of England. We recognise that the needs of every company, venue and event are different and so we provide a range of services for them.

Straight-On-View-Conference-Hall10Audio Visual Hire

Our conference technicians specialise in providing exceptional audio visual equipment and services. Visit this page for a full guide to our Conference AV.

Live event video streaming

Filming & Live Streaming

As well as audio visual equipment and services, we also specialise in filming, live streaming and video production.

Audio Recording

If you would like to record your financial conference, mention to us at the time of booking and we can help. We offer a range of solutions for audio recording, from personal pocket recorders to professional audio production services.

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We can deliver and set up any equipment that you hire from us, but if you would like a technician to stay for the duration of your event, we can arrange this too.


We understand that getting a personalised look to company events, such as conferences, is so important. This is why we offer several ways to compliment the theme and branding of your event. We can provide bespoke set design, lighting, gobo projection, and much more.

Event Services

We provide many services for events including, but not limited to, event management, staff, and decoration. we are passionate about events and we believe that no challenge is too big or small, so talk to us about anything your event requires and we will be happy to help.

Planning a Financial Conference? Talk to us.

For more information or for a no-obligation, personal quote call us on 01635 899551, email [email protected] or message us through our contact form.