Audience Response Systems Put Your Audience at the Centre of the Show

Hiring an Audience Response System can increase the participation in your event by turning your audience from passive to active.

Upon entering the venue, each delegate is given a small keypad for answering the questions that is displayed on the screen. These connect to an interactive voting system managed by a professional technician. Information can then be gathered in real time and can be kept anonymous, giving reliable, honest data instantly.

Voting systems can promote a discussion and make attendees feel like they are a crucial part of the evening. They are perfect for award shows or in cases where sensitive information is being gathered.

Our Response Systems are straightforward to set up and integrate with Microsoft Powerpoint for seamless questioning.

If you require more in depth feedback from your audience, keypads with a QWERTY keyboard are also available.

We can provide projectors and screens to make the questions visible in front of a large audience. If you want to add other interactive elements to your event, we can supply portable Smart boards too.

How to Order an Audience Response System

For more information about our response systems, or a free no obligation quote, call us on 01635 899551, email [email protected] or message us through our contact form