Autocue / Teleprompter Hire (with or without iPad)

Using an autocue with iPad is a reliable, affordable way to ensure presenters and interviewers get it perfect.

This device is simple and easy to set up and no operator is required. We can provide this unit with an iPad or you can use your own. The unit also has a remote control that can be operated by the presenter to adjust the speed.

How it works

  1. Video camera faces the presenter.
  2. Teleprompter cover ensures that the text is visible
  3. iPad runs auto cue software and is visible in the mirror above.
  4. Mirror displays text
  5. Video camera records presenter through the mirror
  6. Text visible to presenter while looking at the camera

How to Order

To order your autocue hire, call us on 01635 899551, email [email protected] or message us through our contact form