Hire from our range of LCD & Plasma Display Screens

AVE Services provides a range of LCD and plasma screens, ideal for exhibitions displays, conferences, and events.

Our screen sizes range from 15″ to 65″ and although LCD and plasma may look similar, there are some subtle differences between the two.

LCD Screens

LCD screens often have a higher native resolution than plasmas. They also consume less energy, with newer Eco LCD pans using half as much energy as plasma screens. LCD screens also produce darker blacks than plasmas.

Plasma Screens

Plasma screens tend to be much brighter than their eco LCD counterparts. They also typically provide a wider viewing angle, making them more suited to rooms where guests will be sat on either side of the screen. Plasmas also produce more natural colours.

Inputs & Features

Our screens have HDMI, component, composite, VGA, DVI, USB, and network ports – Optional expansion cards are also available to give you HD-SDI, SDI, DVI Loop etc. Our screens can be used to create incredible multiscreen displays.

Go interactive

Making screens interactive is easy with our interactive screen frames. You can combine the vivid displays of a large screen with the immersive feel of a multi-touch display, involving your audience and guests. For more information click here.

How to order

For more information or a person quote, call us on 01635 899551, email [email protected] or message us through our contact form .