LED Lighting For Your Event

LED lights are a low cost, low energy way of creating a perfect atmosphere for your event, able to deliver warm and cool temperatures.

LED lighting has a wide range of uses. From indoor room uplighting to outdoor displays. We can even provide IP rated lighting for underwater effects.

We regularly supply lighting to outdoor events, discos, weddings, conferences, and shows.

Because LED lighting use very little energy, they are far less likely to overheat than a traditional lamp. This makes them suitable for close up lighting and profiling.

Our LED parcans come in either 36 or 64 style and are able to create discreet lighting effects, such as under stage or to uplight truss or lecterns. This is great for award ceremonies, where creating a variety of moods is necessary.

We can also provide DMX controllers to allow you, or one of our lighting technicians, to control the displays.

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