facebook live logo- HD Live streaming integration
Livestream streaming integration for corporate business meetings
Youtube Live broadcast, stream high quality Sound and video
Bronze streaming packages
From £250+VAT
1x 4K Camera
Streaming laptop
Dual lapel microphone
Video On Demand
HD Recording
Silver Streaming package
From £650+VAT
2x 4K Camera
Streaming laptop
HD Vision Mixer
Dual Lapel Microphone
Sound mixing desk
Video On Demand
HD Recording
Gold streaming package
From £900+VAT
3+ 4K Cameras
LiveU 4G streaming encoder?
HD-SDI Vision Mixer
Sennheiser Wireless Microphone
Digital mixing desk
Studio Lighting
Video On Demand
4K Recording

Our Live Streaming Services

Discover a world of online communication

By creating a virtual space, we can help to maximise your communication and amplify your key message. Enabling the options of one-way live broadcast to an online audience, or two-way Q&A to increase engagement from external offices and workspaces. We can create a hosted live video conference with seamless sound and visual integration to allow multi-way live streaming and help to bring your team from across the world back together into one office location.

Live streaming with multicamera support allows your audience to enjoy different views and create a less static stream. We can include cameras for the audience, close ups of presenters and wide angles of the room – coupled with an embedded PowerPoint or keynote presentation.

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