A guide to our event services for official ceremonies

AVE Services provides a range of equipment and services suitable for official ceremonies throughout the south of England. From audio visual equipment to event management, we specialise in facilitating a fantastic event experience.

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Filming & Live Streaming

Official ceremonies always attract a large amount of interest from the public and the media. By live streaming your event you can turn your ceremony into a promotional tool, where a potentially global audience can join your ceremony.

Our live streaming service begins with us creating a tailored website for your stream. We put your branding, colours, social media feeds and other features alongside the video and work with you to incorporate what you need. On the day our experienced live streaming and filming crew will arrive on site and begin streaming your event. Afterwards we can then use that footage to create a professionally produced video of the day.

We aim to provide a complete technical package to events. Often the filming company and the audio visual company spend vital time before the event combating compatibility issues between the kit. When you come to us, we can take care of everything and make sure the day runs smoothly.

Unveiling Curtain Hire & Ribbon Cutting

Whether you’re unveiling a plaque or opening a building, ribbon cutting and unveiling curtains are an enormously popular way to add a touch of theatrics to your official ceremony. We tailor these two services to you, providing the precise sized unveiling curtains for your plaque, or the precise colours of your company and event for the ribbon.

Event Services

We offer many more event services, including Audio Recording, Decoration, Entertainment & Effects. Message us for more information about what we can do for you.

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