The Firestation Centre

The amazing Firestation Arts Centre, in Windsor, Berkshire closed it doors for one last time on the 1st October, the council-owned arts centre for the past nine years has been dropped by the Royal Borough.

Since 2008, the Firestation Arts & Culture Community Interest Company has been providing a platform at The Old Court, in St Leonards Road, for emerging talent to perform.

Dan Eastmond, managing director of The Firestation Centre for Arts & Culture, said: “Naturally we are really disappointed having had nine very successful years and there’s a lot of people that really like us and what we do.

“We’ve always tried to not be the same as everybody else and we’ve tried to support emerging artists, new theatre and new comedy.”

“I’ve never come across a scenario like this in 25 years working in the industry,” Dan added.

“We’re a sustainable venue, we don’t ask for extra money and we’re respected in the industry.”

The company, which also runs Prime Studios in Ward Royal Parade, will now be on the look out for a new building in the area to host its acts.

Dan, 47, added: “We’ve a number of different projects and the aim is to be more than just a building. Some of the messages of support we’ve received have been really heart-warming.”

We wish everyone at this brilliant venue good luck and we hope to see you in another place soon!