Video wall installs

Digital signage systems and video wall applications are often very similar but the actual installation and operation of both of them are very different.

Systems for digital signage are used for a number of applications and these range from those that would be found in specific locations typically single screen installations in each area such as entertainment centres, shopping centres, stations or hospitals for providing guidance for people looking for specific areas. As well as information display these digital signage systems are often used for displaying advertising content when not being used for information display.

These are also specific installations that designed principally as advertising stations to provide relevant video messages about specific products or services, this type of signage digital system might be found in fashion stores such as Benetton. Screens can be clustered with the same material being displayed on each or can be individually controlled offering different content on every screen.

Video wall applications are often used to display advertising information in growing areas. Many of the newer larger shopping centres are beginning to feature large video walls that are used by the shops residing in the centre as a high impact advertising focus point where they can highlight things such as sales or specific short-term product promotions. Well-known brands will also use this medium as a way to reinforce any TV advertising campaigns by running the same content as that in the TV campaign. Video wall applications are now also being used as features in some of the larger stores where they offer their suppliers such as Hugo Boss and Nike, the opportunity to run advertising focus slots to promote new clothing lines or sports kit.

We work along with you to create the image that you want, whether that’s a simple 3×3 video wall grid or a custom layout to map with an advertising campaign you’re currently running. Video walls are creative, professional and a very easy way to show your advertisements or to capture an audience with video or imagery. We’ve found that people are more drawn in to a bright and dynamic advertisements – opposed to a lifeless poster, this will help boost the amount of people coming into your store, giving you a higher opportunely to sell.

Video-walls are not always about advertisements, we’ve installed walls that display a live video relay for performances, these are also available for hire. We take pride in our installs and approach every job, big or small, with the same degree of precision and care.

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