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PA Systems, Microphones and Audio Equipment

We have several PA systems that are suitable to many different sized venues and audiences. We can also supply wireless microphones (lapel / handheld) or XLR microphones. Our basic PA package comes with two speakers, one sound mixing desk and one wireless microphone as standard.



Projectors and Projection Screens

Our powerful and bright projectors will make sure that your presentation is seen clearly.  Our projectors deliver excellent picture quality in all lighting conditions and we stock an extensive range of fast fold screens to ensure that every hire we do is matched well to the size of the audience. We can also hire a dedicated show laptop to run presentations and videos from.



Lighting, Set, and Staging

Making an event look spectacular is our number one goal. From simple up-lighting to full set and stage design, we deliver a personal service. We can also provide lighting consoles with our lighting hires so that you can control the colours and effects throughout the evening.

AVE Services has an extensive list of equipment available to hire for a wide range of events. If you’re organising a company conference, wedding, award show or meeting and you need AV equipment that you can trust, call 01635 899551 today for a free quote.