Audio Frequency Induction Loop Hire

Hearing Loops are listening systems that transmits audio from a sound source, such as one of our PA systems, direct to a hearing aid without background noise or interference.

The loops provide a wireless, magnetic signal that is picked up when the hearing aid is set to to Telecoil (T) setting.

We can provide an induction hearing loop at your conference, presentation, or event.

Advantages of using a hearing loop over other methods

  • Removes all unwanted background noise
  • Any number of users can use the system
  • It is a discrete system that removes the need to hand out receivers and headsets
  • T loops are now compatible with most modern hearing aids

As well as large room coverage we also provide portable handheld units for situations when covering the entire room is not a necessity. These units provide a 2m signal cone in front of them.

More information and ordering

To order an induction hearing loop for your event or for more information call us on 01635 899551, email [email protected] or message us through our contact form.