Unveiling Curtains

Bespoke unveiling curtain hire – any colour, size or style

AVE Services provides personalised ceremonial unveiling curtain hire for events. We work with your specifications, providing the precise style, size and colour of curtains that you require for unveiling your commemorative plaque.

We can provide a freestanding kit that your plaque can temporarily attach to (as pictured). If the plaque is already fixed to a wall, we can either provide a freestanding kit without a backboard or else attach the curtains straight to the wall.

Curtains are pull chord and we have a valance option available. We design unveiling curtains to your need, keeping you up to date with the process. Then, we arrive before the event to construct them and set up any other audio visual equipment your event requires. After the event, we take it all down – meaning that you can carry on enjoying your day.

Our unveiling curtains leave no permanent markings at the venue.

How to order

Call us on 01635 899551, email [email protected] or message us through our contact form.