Crowdstrike Go Public

On Wednesday 12th June, Crowstrike went Public, and AVE were there to help them celebrate.

It was a big day for Crowstrike and across the global every office was celebrating in there own way. They all watched the CEO make the announcement, which began the days celebrations.

The company has only been running 8 years, and was co-founded by the CEO George Kurtz. The cloud based services uses AL and indicator of attack (IOA) to stop known and unknown treats in real time.

It helps that its CEO, George Kurtz has prior startup success in his background. As he explained in a July 2019 interview,

” I started as a CPA at Price Waterhouse and wrote a best-selling book about Internet security, ‘Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions.’ I started FoundStone in late 1999 and sold it to McAfee {for $86 million) in 2004. I was a general manager at McAfee for seven years and was asked three times to be chief technology officer — which I ultimately accepted. In 2011, I assembled a team to start CrowdStrike — intending to provide endpoint security via the cloud”

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