Hannington country fair public outdoor multizone PA system

On the 25th June AVE Services provided the PA system for the Hannington country fair in the idyllic village on the A339 between Newbury, Berkshire and Basingstoke, Hampshire.

The fair had over 80 sideshows and stalls in the two fields that it was spread over. The queue to get into the fair car park tailgated back all the way to Basingstoke road which was almost 2 miles long.

The fair had many stall of games, raffles, exhibitions of animals and lots of farming equipment, there was so much to see and do for everyone.

The next Hannington country fair will be in 2019, so keep an eye out for those signs along the A339

Hannington country fair had a 4 horn speaker system with two microphones with each of the two fields could be controlled separately.