Live Streaming with Ben and Jerry’s

Join Our Core was back once again to find clever entrepreneurial cookies who, not only share our values, but want to stick a spoon in and make a difference – this time, Live streamed for the world to see.

Ben and Jerry's, join our core live streamed 2014 london, Tanner street, join our core(During rehearsals)

Our team had a two camera setup, 12 microphones, and lots of cable – almost 700m of HD-SDI cable ran though-out the building in London providing HD video relays to monitors as well as feeds from 4 camera position. (two for the main event upstairs and two for the award show which took place in the evening)

Ben & Jerry's live stream join our core 2014 london tanner street corporate(Equipment testing before rehearsals)
Over 6000 people tuned in to watch the finalists pitch their ideas – we put up several relay servers around the world so a reliable and fast connection was available where ever people viewed.

Ben and Jerry's VW Mini bus from london live streaming (How awesome is that VW Camper?!)