Misty I – The programmable Robot

The Misty I will be shipping out in February to a select developers for $1499 (£1109), the ‘affordable’ robot that you can program yourself, own personal advance robot from Misty Robotics. They then plan to release the Misty II a year later, which will target a wider audience. 

At the heart of Misty is the Occipital Structured Light Sensor on its forehead, which it can use to create a map of its environment. It also has a camera for face and object recognition, three far-field microphones, time-of-flight obstacle avoidance sensors on the front and back, and two different Snapdragon processors to do the heavy lifting compute-wise. It has an LCD for displaying a face, and you can augment it with your own electronics and sensors — there’s a mount on the back, and the bot has USB and serial ports. The bot moves on tank treads.

Take a look at this video which will explain a bit more about Misty