Samsung videowall

Retail clients, restaurants, conference centers, shopping malls and hotels want to stand out from their competition. Owners and managers are looking for new and diverse ways to publicize their goods and services while maintaining creative control along with cost control. Samsung LED Large Format Displays (LFDs) let clients create video walls that match their imaginations for a reasonable cost. The UDC, UDC-B and UEC Series displays are an optimal choice because clients can configure them based on need and control display specifications.

With various size options available, clients can create eye-catching video walls in myriad configurations. The UDC and UEC LFDs are available in 46 in. and 55 in. models. The UDC-B, is available in 46 in. only. Clients can design near-contiguous video walls with full high definition (FHD) picture quality. The UEC Series offers narrow bezels and the UDC and UDC-B Series have ultra-narrow bezels to facilitate an overall message. The monitors are designed for ease of installation with narrow profiles for various configuration options. Samsung LED backlight technology helps reduce costs, consuming 40 percent less power on average compared with cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) LCDs during internal testing. The LED LFDs are free from harmful materials.


The UDC, UDC-B and UEC Series displays feature narrow and ultra-narrow bezels for near-seamless video walls. The UDC and UDC-B models have an ultra-narrow bezel design that enables 5.5mm(0.22 in.) bezel width from panel to panel. The UEC model has a narrow bezel of 11 mm (0.43 in.).