Videowall Installation for Plimsoll productions, Bristol

Plimsoll productions in Bristol contacted AVE Services to quote for a new videowall in their reception/lobby area – this would be the main feature piece in the room as part of a redesign.

The videowall had to be bright, with good colour range and accuracy with a small bezel – but importantly, it had to fit within the wall space available. Promotional videos and past projects will be running on the screens, and would be visible from the roadside, so brightness and high image quality was a necessity.

Working alongside the building architect and contractors, we were able to get the correct sizing for the wall and pass over any additional information to them – including an electrical outlet layout, cable positions, and full dimensions for the recessed wall to be built.
Additional spare cable was ran to future proof the installation, including network cable ran between the videowall and to the desk – this is under the tiles, something that would cause a headache to pull once everything is finished.

The input was coming from a single Apple TV unit running a network signage application which allowed for remote image and video uploads, to keep the video wall looking as good as possible, we chose a product that allowed a 4K input direct from the Apple TV.

The Samsung 46″ displays fit the bill, they have a high nit brightness with factory calibration for a great out of the box experience – a few tweaks here and there allowed the wall to be fully functional by the first installation day.

Once on site, our team started to measure up the wall, install the mounts and get all of the screens ready for installation – this includes sorting all of the waste into recyclable materials to dispose of once finished.
After the first day, all the screens were in place and tested, with calibration, levelling and the final clean saved for the second day.

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