Debenhams New Watford Store Preview

AVE Services provided equipment to help Debenham’s new store in Watford, Hertfordshire present to their investors and the media on Monday 24th September. This event was of high importance as it was to unveil the new Debenhams look.

Equipment was placed in three different locations around the store, we placed a 65″ screen, a laptop for presentations, PA system and lapel microphone. There were two sets of tours throughout the day, talking through the new store layout and design from Managing Directors in the company.

Debenhams CEO Sergio Bucher was there to take questions throughout the day and talk through the future of retail shopping, he said:

“For way too long, bricks-and-mortar retailers have allowed their stores to be warehouses full of product with a till at the door and poor service,That is exactly what we are going to address through our Debenhams Redesigned strategy. If we are to be successful against the pureplays, we have to offer great reasons for customers to come and shop with us. Clearly, online is convenient, but shopping is one of the favourite pastimes of this nation. You have football, you have rugby and you have shopping.”

The former Amazon executive added: “We have to make sure we can make shopping fun again and that every trip gives customers something memorable – whether it’s the product, the friends you were with, or the meal or drink that you had. It is our mission to make shopping sociable and fun.”

The store was opened on the Thursday 27th September in the intu shopping centre. Take a look at intu website here

AVE Services provided the following equipment for Debenhams:

  • 3 x 65″ High brightness LED/LCD screens
  • Speaker PA System
  • Wireless lapel microphones
  • Wireless handheld microphones
  • Slide advancers
  • Laptops
  • Technicians

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