Google Home Smart VS Amazon Echo

Everyone has heard of the Amazon Echo by now and if you haven’t then you need to take a look.

So of course one of the other mega giants have taken a shot at producing another piece of technology that can help us in our homes. On the 6th April in the UK, Google will be launching the Google Home device which will be in competition with the Amazon Echo. The phrase that you’re need to use to activate it is “OK Google”.

Google Home’s Suveer Kothari said: “A really useful assistant takes context into account, like using your location to give you accurate weather readings.

“But you are always firmly in control. We’re sensitive to privacy and give users the choice of whether to make personal data accessible on Google Home.

“Our goal is to create a helpful assistant that is welcome in your home. We may not be perfect at the start, but we’ll continue to add new features and get better over time.”

The device, which will cost £129 and be available in a range of colours, can also be used to control other smart home products such as light bulbs, thermostats and TVs.

They’ll also be launching its Wifi router, Google Wifi, in the UK costing  £129 and uses technology called mesh Wifi, which the firm says uses multiple routers to evenly spread internet signal throughout the home