Live streaming of an AGM – Berkshire Golf

AVE Services setup and live streamed Berkshire Golfs AGM

Because of Covid-19, members could not attend the annual governors meeting due to restrictions set out for people allowed in one space at a time.

The Golf Course contacted us to help – we setup a custom webpage with branding and images of the course, and a place for any documents to be shown – such as accountant files. 
This was all behind a password protected page to enable the meeting to stay private and only allow access to those who needed it.

We broadcast at 1080p 60fps, using Blackmagic Cinema Pocket cameras which were set to record at 4k for the edit after.

All sound was captured by 3 short condenser mics to limit the need to touch and talk into a standard handheld capsule, this helped to prevent unnecessary sharing of equipment to prevent Covid spread.

The broadcast video mix was handled by our Atem Mini and sent to our CDN (Content Distribution network) via our LiveU Solo utilising 4 4G networks (EE & Three)


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