A Global audience for your event

Personalised Live Streaming Website Built To Your Requests

Before the event we work with you to build a tailored streaming website that contains all the features you require.  Your social media feeds, logos and other branding can be implemented alongside voting, chat, and guest book features. We can stream your event on that website to an unlimited sized audience either as completely open, secure, or PPV (pay per view). We also change the URL so it is related to the event. You will know the URL well in advance so you can make sure everyone who you want to view knows where to go.

This service can be used for a wide range of events, conferences, weddings, award shows, webinars etc, so every website we make will be different depending on the application

Live Streaming the day

On the day of your event our professional camera crew will arrive, set up, and begin broadcasting the live stream. We can also manage scrolling messages and effects on the video if required. The stream is broadcasted in high definition and all precautions are taken to ensure that the stream remains seamless. We broadcast for the duration of the event, or as instructed and also record all the footage as a back up.

Post Production

After the event we can provide the raw footage to you. If you would like a professionally made video, our technicians are talented in a range of video production techniques and can edit together a final cut. We keep all the websites we make backed up, so that if you choose to stream with us another time, we can get going right away.

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