Your Complete Guide Hiring an Outdoor Cinema for Your Event   

Why Outdoor Cinema Hire?

There are numerous reasons to choose to hire an outdoor cinema for your event, some of which are:

  • Emphasize the environmental or eco-friendly factors in the film or product you’re displaying (this is just what National Geography did when they worked with us!)
  • Draw attention to your stand at an outdoor show. If you’re reserving significant space, an outdoor cinema can help you create a space visitors want to spend time in, which will not only get them to spend more time with your brand, but draw media attention, too
  • Take advantage of beautiful weather – warm summer evenings are the best time to head outside and watch a film as the sun sets
  • You’re not confined by indoor space. All cinemas and rooms have a maximum capacity, but with an outdoor cinema, you’re only confined by the size of your field or garden. You can keep things small and intimate, or share with a lot of people
  • You can make it romantic. An outdoor cinema certainly doesn’t need to have a romantic feel, but if you’re a relaxed couple getting married and don’t fancy a traditional reception, you can head out to watch your favourite film after dinner surrounded by fairy lights

What equipment comes with outdoor cinema hire?

For your Outdoor Cinema event, we can provide you with a projector, outdoor inflatable screen, and a surround-sound PA system to give your guests the best possible viewing experience.

Our 4m x 3m inflatable projection screen is the perfect size for a large event, even with social distancing rules, as the image is so large it can even be seen by people at a considerable distance away. For smaller events, our range of folding screens starting at 6ft x 6ft may better suit your needs.

Our projectors ensure your guests will have the pleasure of watching a clear and crisp image, provided the projector isn’t having to fight it out with the bright summer sun. A shady spot or early evening is best for a projector.

No guest will have to compromise on sound, wherever they are sitting, due to our surround sound PA system. Your guests will be completely immersed in the film, undistracted from other noises so that they can enjoy the film the way it was supposed to be.

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How to Make Your Outdoor Cinema Event a Success


Besides the quality of the image and sound, the most important part of an Outdoor Cinema is to ensure that your guests are comfortable. You can, of course, ask your guests to bring their own seating, but providing the seating will allow you to keep things on-theme or on-brand. Seating types to consider are:

  • Blankets
  • Cushions
  • Chairs
  • Hay bales
  • Bean bags

If your outdoor cinema is a temporary stop at a larger event, blankets or cushions will likely be fine, but consider the fact that for longer screenings, your guests may prefer a beanbag or chair with a back.

Food & Drink

Another great idea is to serve or provide food and drink while your film is shown. We recommend:

  • An outdoor on-theme bar
  • Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for spring and autumn events
  • Provide picnic baskets with a meal provided
  • A buffet (though be aware that your guests’ experience may be compromised if people are able to get up and down for food while the film is showing)
  • A popcorn/candyfloss machine
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets
  • Food trucks


Location is also a major factor of the Outdoor Cinema experience. You need to choose a space that is large enough for your guests to have a little space to relax, but also somewhere that will provide an added bit of excitement to your event. This could be on the estate of a stately home, or on the grounds of a grand hotel, or next to a lake or woodland, just think about finding a space that adds ambience and sets the mood of the event.


For a personal event like a wedding or birthday party, you’re probably not going to need – or want – many rules for your guests. But if you’re hosting a large event where the film showing is the most important element, it’s worth offering some guidelines or adding in an interval so guests can grab food, chat a little, and stretch their legs if necessary before carrying on. This will help prevent a lot of people from getting up and wandering off to get food too often. This is especially important if you’re inviting a lot of guests, if it’s a long film, or if the seating available isn’t going to be comfortable for long hours of sitting, such as a blanket on the ground or a padded cushion without a back.

Weather Precautions

Rain is always a possibility when throwing any outdoor event in the UK, so make sure you make provisions or a backup plan for how you can deal with showers, if necessary. Also, don’t forget that projectors need a little bit of darkness to really show their best, so our outdoor cinema hire is best for a shaded area or an evening event, so keep that in mind when you book your event space.

If you’re hosting an event in spring or autumn, consider supplying patio heaters, blankets, or fire pits to keep your guests warm. A few blankets for a summer party is also a good idea!

If you’re thinking about outdoor cinema hire for your next event, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss your needs and find the best solution for you. To do that, you can click here.

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