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Your Complete Guide Hiring an Outdoor Cinema for Your Event   

There are numerous reasons to choose to hire an outdoor cinema for your event, some of which are: Emphasize the environmental or eco-friendly factors in the film or product you’re displaying (this is just what National Geography did when they worked with us!) Draw attention to your stand at an outdoor show. If you’re reserving […]

Audio Visual presentation trolley with Projection and speakers

AVE Services were commision by a company for an audio visual (AV) trolley which will be used in between two rooms in a small community hall. The trolley has four shelves inside for items such as projectors, speakers, laptops, dvd player and recorders. The use of an AV trolley means that multiple rooms in offices [...]

How to Maintain and Take Care of Your Projector

projector maintenance projector care

Projectors are very expensive so it makes sense to take care of them to make sure they last longer. Here at AVE Services we maintain our projectors regularly to ensure they stay working well, and here’s how you can keep yours doing the same. 1) The most effective way to make your projector last longer […]

Projector/Projection hire – for conferences, events, even weddings!

Sanyo projector available, for use on your events and conferences

Getting the right projector is crucial to any presentation We stock a range of projectors suitable for events, conferences, award shows, and weddings and several different sized screens to suit the venue. Our technicians are always on hand to help you choose the right projector, we can provide an instant quote by calling our Newbury […]

10 x 7.5 Foot Projection Screen and Projector for Hire

Projector screen hire newbury thatcham reading theale oxford swindon

Quality screens and projectors make events look amazing This fast fold projector screen is huge. Honestly, you need not worry if any of the guests at your event are short sighted if you hire this from us – it’s massive. If you’re in a large venue and you need your presentation’s message to be carried, […]