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LED bespoke Letters hire

AVE Services provided the equipment for a fundraiser for Irwin and Mitchell. It was held in the beautiful Arts and Heritage centre in Southampton, Hampshire just off the M3. The event had raffle prizes and information about the charity they were in support of for the evening.  They had bespoke built LED Letters, a stage and a […]

Wireless Microphone Hire

Using a wireless microphone means cable troubles are a thing of the past There’s nothing worse than having to stop halfway through your speech for a bit of cable management. Sure, you can sling the cable over your shoulder and apologise mid best-man’s speech for losing your trail of thought, but we here at AVE […]

Audio Equipment and Live Sound Mixing Hire in Newbury, Berkshire and the surrounding areas

Quality equipment hire and live sound services If there’s live music, you want to make sure that the technical side doesn’t let you down and allows the band to sound the best they can. At AVE we understand the importance of knowing the band and knowing the room for a great live sound. We have […]

Party Equipment Hire in Newbury, Berkshire and the Surrounding Areas

Party equipment av hire newbury berkshire

As summer heats up across Newbury, the barbecues come out in full force, and the sound of parties continues throughout the long summer evenings. If you’re hosting a party this summer, give us a call for a free quote on party equipment hire. We have a range of PA speaker systems, music players, and disco […]

Top AV Tips for Running a Successful Event


AV tips for events and equipment hire If you’ve been following us on Twitter (@ave_services) you’ll see that for the last couple of weeks we have been tweeting some AV related tweets for running a smooth and successful event. Here’s our list of things to consider to make sure technology doesn’t let you down on […]

Lectern Hire in Newbury, Berkshire, Slough, Swindon and London

lectern hire coras newbury hilton

Take a stand – quality lectern hire now available We now have in stock a stylish curved lectern for hire, perfect for conference speakers, award shows and more. Our lectern comes with a 15 inch comfort monitor on its surface, so that speakers always know where they are in their presentation. We can also provide […]

Webinar Services in Berkshire

AV webinar services in Newbury Slough Swindon oxford Reading Berkshire

Our webinar service provides a seamless service Putting on a great webinar begins with reliable and high quality technology. We offer a complete webinar service, allowing you to put on an engaging show, while we worry about the technology. Our live webinar streaming service begins with us planning out a website tailored to you. We […]

Slide Advancer / Presentation Clicker for Hire in Newbury, Berkshire and the Surrounding Areas

RF and Bluetooth slide advancer hire AV newbury reading berkshire swindon slough london

Slide advancer hire for corporate presentations, meetings and speeches If you want to remain in control while giving your presentation, we recommend hiring a wireless slide advancer for the duration of the event. We have two types of wireless slide advancers to choose from, either Bluetooth or RF. The Bluetooth option is our cheapest and […]

LumenRadio makes Feimex FX 300 lighting fixture wireless

Feimex fx300 lighting hire in newbury berkshire reading london

Feimex FX300 lighting is now wireless LumenRadio and their partner Feimex have announced that one of Feimex’s best selling fixtures, the FX 300, now comes with the multiple award-winning wireless CRMX OEM modules. Feimex are based in Hamburg, Germany. Their hugely popular FX 300 is available for both indoor and outdoor use. With its 18 […]

AV Show Laptop Hire in Newbury, Berkshire

Show laptop hire AV newbury berkshire

Laptop hire to keep your show on the road To make sure your presentations runs as smoothly as possible, we strongly advise using a dedicated show laptop connected to the projectors. Office computers often have restrictions and background software running, which makes them run slower and means they are more likely to crash during your […]