Live Relays

AVE Services has provided many successful live relays over the years for a variety of events.

A live relay is where a still image such as a presentation or live camera feed can we relayed on screens further down the room, or into another area to be shown to an extended audience.

A Lot of weddings require live relays when there isn’t enough space for all of the guests to be seated in the church or ceremony room. With the cameras capturing the important moments close up, it’s just like being in the same room!

We use HD-SDI cable for any distances over 10 meters, and can go up to 100 meters away from the original source of camera or presentation.

Conferences use live relays to help the audience sitting nearer the back of the room to see the smaller pictures or text. Some events like to split their audience off into groups and so having multiple screens at there disposal is often very helpful.

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